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Decorative Laser Cut Panels and Screens

Decorative metal panels and screens, laser cut by experts, look amazing set in a garden or other outdoor landscape and no two are ever the same. 

As well as being enduringly stylish, our decorative panels and screens are also truly versatile. Used individually or as part of a modular system, our decorative panels and screens make a striking garden feature or backdrop, and can also be used to create separate ‘zones’ in your garden, increase privacy, offer shade in the sunshine and act as a buffer against a cool breeze. 

Each individual panel is created from scratch and to your own specifications so the end result is genuinely unique. They can be created up to 200cm x 250cm, and then joined together vertically or horizontally, however you wish. You can also choose from one of our own designs, below, suggest ideas of your own, or even request a combination. Bear in mind, some alterations may be necessary from a practical point of view. Drawings and prototype scale cutouts can be supplied if required. Don't forget we are also traditional blacksmiths, so should you need your panels adapting to become, a gate, a sculpture, or a structure within the garden we will only be too happy to advise.

There is no limit to the style possibilities of our laser cut panels and screens. Take inspiration from the photos, pictures and diagrams below and then let us know what you're looking for in your garden.

Examples of Decorative Metal Laser cut Panels and Screens
Decorative Metal Laser cut Panels and Screens Pattern Examples
Finish Options

We prefer our ironwork to weather naturally. It sits within the landscape so much better. However, we can also supply ironwork in any standard RAL colour, as well as in any of our range of colours below which have all been chosen to reflect and harmonise with the natural environment.

Price Guide

Due to every panel being designed and created as a unique piece of work, quotes are also raised on an individual basis. As a price guide panels are: 

small (up to 1m2) £420

medium (up to 2m2) £550

large (up to 3m2) £680

Posts including fixings, in matching finish, each:

small £50

medium £100

large £120

Current Projects

An Instagram gallery of current work in the workshop at this very moment. If you are commissioning us to create something for you, watch this space to see it being built! 

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